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Tiger Zinda Hai vs Bahubali 2 2017 -movie collection compare full collection

         Tiger Zinda Hai v/s Bahubali 2

  We all know how Katappa kills Bababali! But the next question is that Will Tiger Jinda Hai defeated Bahubali 2? When Bahubali 1 was released at the box office, anyone, except for fans of Telugu films, did not know much about the film, and in general, people following the Andhra cinema. But Part 1 was an event that created the most intense André Box Office Records and the most viral discussion ever on social media.


One was Tiger re-branded Salman Khan as the next-gen action hero with one of the highest-rated action films in Bollywood. One had missed the mark of nearly 200 million Tiger. But TAJH had only one week to cross the collection of Tiger and broke many records on the way.

The next hurdle for the tiger ji Hai and the very difficult to cross 500 million fixed by a Bahubali. It is very difficult and it is now impossible. Tiger is alive, is currently competing with Dangle to become the first Hindi movie to cross 400 million rupees. While the 400 million mark is still possible, 500 is going to be difficult, but at the box office, anything can happen if the tiger is roaming.

 Tiger Zinda Hai vs Bahubali 2 = Daywise Box Office 

                   Tiger Zinda Hai                         Bahubali 2
Budget                        =    80                                            =      250
Release Details    = Not a holiday release                      =
Not a Holiday release 
                                Released on Friday                               Released on friday

Release in  theatres.=  More than 2065                            =More than 7000 theatres
First Day                       34.10                                                      40.75
Saturday                        35.30                                                      40.25
Sunday                          45.53                                                      46.5

First 3 Days/Weekend = 114.93                                                   128

Monday                          36.5                                                        40
Tuesday                          20.5                                                        30
First Week                    206.04                                                     247
Second Weekend            46.5                                                       79.5
Second Week                 85.51                                                      141
Third Week                    27.31                                                     67.25
Domestic Total              321                                                         501
dWide Gross Total 
                         510                                   1600

 Check out few photos here of Tiger Zinda Hai set : 

Keeping in mind its goal of giving the biggest action average of 2017, Tiger is alive, the team is associated with film cameras, which handles the leading Hollywood movies of each foreign location. Therefore, in this role of Salman Khan, the audience can expect some jaw dropping quarrels and adventures.


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