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47 Indian fishermen arrested in Pakistan

47 Indian fishermen arrested in Pakistan

Karachi: According to one marine official, Pakistani officials arrested 47 Indian fishermen for allegedly fishing in the country's territorial waters in the Arabian Sea.
arrested in Pakistan
Pakistani Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) arrested 47 Indian fishermen on Saturday and seized nine launches for fishing illegally in Pakistani waters. A PMSA spokesman said that the Express Tribune had said.


The arrested fishermen were handed over to Doc Police for further action and investigation.


The spokesman said that Indian boats have been seized for violation of Pakistan's coastal area. He said that PMSA ships and fast attacking boats participated in open sea operations for this purpose.On January 19, 17 Indian fishermen were arrested by the PSMA for allegedly fishing in Pakistan's regional waters. Three boats were also seized.


Pakistan had released 292 Indian fishermen as a good will green signal in December to go home return -January arrested in Pakistan


Pakistan and India often arrest fishermen as there is no clear boundary of the sea border in the

Arabian Sea, and these fishermen are not equipped to know the exact location of their boats.


Many non-governmental organizations have raised this issue in both India and Pakistan, pressuring

 their governments to release the arrested fishermen without delay



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