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Ezypt Politics Stripped Naked strikes in Syria deep voilance

 Ezypt  Politics Stripped Naked strikes in Syria deep voilance

A young Egyptian woman is obviously unlikely to liberate the women of the Egyptian opposition, but how far is her standing against religious threats, hurting the causes of freedom and equality..
Ezypt  Politics Stripped Naked strikes in Syria deep voilance

Shariya... Is not a constitution, it is a sentence, which will be very convincing in many Egyptian secular and progressive normal circumstances. However, when these words come completely lipstick on the nude body, Naked strikes  in addition to glasses and a headbud of flowers - a young Egyptian worker, the medium suddenly accepts the message, especially in a society,

Naked strikes in Syria

Aliya Elamahadi, 21, was protesting with European feminists in Stockholm, before a referendum, that Eidhadas was a controversial draft constitution, which despite it was incredibly less voter voting was approved. But this is not the first time that Elmahari has used her nude body so that efforts can be made to expose the pretense of the Ezis body body politician. She has already become infamous and has raised controversy Received
when she posted herself naked images on her blog so that she could protest against the increasing influence of Islamists and demand full freedom of expression.

An old joke claims that to please a man on a date, it is the best way of being a woman to be naked. On the contrary, it appears that the best way to humiliate the Vice-Chancellor is to oppose naked- the Puran Committee threatens to humiliate justice, legal action, and even threatens some death which has allowed the naked worker to Received Naked strikes

Personally, I have been distracted for a long time - and sometimes angry - how angry the human body is, especially in its female form, and sexual harassment. For example, a U.S. The sti chief may have to lie about his sexual relationship but apparently do not have to lie to start a war. Similarly, in times of revolutionary rumble on a large scale, how can society find time or interest to pay attention to an amateur black and white picture of a single nude woman on her personal blog, Naked strikes

 Licked MMS of ezytian girl  watch from here 
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Of course, even in some liberal societies, if there is too much insult to nudity in nudity, then I can understand that in a society where most women have now covered their head on one side, causing nudity crisis May be. But there is more to it than that. After all, nudity is a mouse click away for millions of people of Egypt and, as a supervisor has said, there is a popular place in pornography involving women in the hijab and even exhaust (full face veil) . In addition, semi-nudity and sexually suggestive imagery change you to Egypt everywhere on billboards, television screens and theaters. Naked strikes

The problem with Eliya is that her photos were very destructive: they were naked but were not sexy. His nude protest against the Constitution was similarly rebellious: he was using an instrument, which considered very immoral to give very high ethical and theoretical message. Therefore, although many Egypts can agree with their message, some accept it in their own ways. In fact, revolutionaries and secularists are clinging on themselves to dress up Elhamadi completely. Naked strikes
There is have must roar effaction in public and need to be freedom from politics of region

It is partly out of real rejection. Egyptians are usually conditioned to see nudity in terms of sexuality and abusive behavior, and so when a young worker enters opposition, they reach an irreversible conclusion that he is either bad or crazy Or possibly both.

Many leftists consider Elamahari as self-absorbed and selfish and have said that, through its careless actions, the reason for the yearly women's liberation is probably determining. And they have a point - to a point. Naked strikes

The action of El Mahadis is due to greater independence in Egypt, many, if any, are unlikely to affect ordinary Egyptians, and even strengthen the dictatorship of the people.

Religious and social conservative and big leaders have used their political stripteas in the form of meat made of evidence of the corrupt influence of secularism - which made Islamists uniformly and incorrectly with Islam after a dirty word Is - and this is the only way this fight is by reducing personal and political independence Naked strikes

Apart from this, the fact that Elmahdis is the most vocal protector is primarily, but in particular, the diaspora motherland and the European people have not played to the mad ideas encouraged by the former and the current regime that the revolution is a foreign anti-Egyptian conspiracy of Egypt. Which is created for harvesting, break the country's social fabric and its moral truth and destroy it.

And when a family, and in detail, a social honor and strength, for some bizarre reasons, between the feet of women, has become a biological WMD - a dirty bomb, by the patriarchy - you can say - and They helped cement the traditional scene of women into highly volatile sex bombs, which would make voluntary explosions when approached more and more freedom. Naked strikes

Activists fear that this will damage the aspirations of the Egyptian women to demand equality with men and fight discrimination. But is it enough to leave Elmahai? Naked strikes

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