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Top 5 best Bollywood horror movies which is successful to scared people

Top 5 best Bollywood horror and sexy movies. which is successful to sacred to people 

today we gonna talk about top 5 best Bollywood horror and sexy movies which is success to scare people with good story and awsome cast . 

today we gonna talk about top 5 best Bollywood horror and sexy movies which is success to scare people with good story and awsome cast . 


have lots of horror movies in Bollywood 

but all are not success to scared people but between them also  have some movies who really scare to people and successful movies . becouse of good casting with good story...





  2. KAFAN

  3. RAAZ

  4. 1920

  5. 1921




Cast: Jasmin (actress)Sahila ChadhaKulbhushan KharbandaSahila ChaddhaJasminJasmin (veerana Actress)Hemant Birje


Producer: Anjali RamsayKanta RamsayKanta Ramsey

Director: Ramsay BrothersShyam RamsayTulsi RamsayShyam RamsayTulsi Ramsay

Release Date: 06 May,1988


Story: Veerana (Horror Jungle) is an Indian horror film produced by Ramsay Bhai in 1988. It is known for its colorful gels mixed with atmospheric sets like Mario Bava. This music was composed by Bappi Lahiri and was sung by Suman by Kalyanpur, Munna Aziz and Sharon Prabhakar

The internet cannot decide if Veerana sxy actress Jasmin is alive or DEAD or where –

If you have seen Veerana films, then you must know who is Jasmine, after his 1988 film Veerana, he became angered. But no one thought that Veerana would be her last film. If the report does not go anywhere, Jasmine has been recalled in doubt since 1988. Some people say they suffer from frustration and committed suicide, some say that they died due to long illness. While many people also believe that underworld don was subject to unfair parties, he left the country ......

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Cast: Javed Khan, Jamuna,  joney liver ,Rakesh Pandey, Huma Khan, Raza Murad, Mac Mohan

Director: Dhirendra Bohra
Music: Anand Milind

Release Date: 1990 


storyline: The film starts with a voice, that it has been explained that all the universe and existence are a fight between those who try to solve problems like in-home and do good work for mankind and those Disappointed pigs disappointed, who are followers of the dark lord - Satan himself is presented with a group of five devils who dedicate themselves to the Guru Damage was done in all these years, finally they are ready to climb the ladder of evil. All those who have to find a young virgin, who will then be sacrificed in the blood rites, after which people should consider big powers which will ultimately bring them world domination ..!





Cast: Bipasa badhu, dino moria, ashutosh Rana, malini sharma , Ali ashgar, shuruti ulfat


Director: vikram bhutt

Producer:mahesh bhutt , Kumar,s 

Music: nadeem sharwan

Release date: 1-2 2002

Category: horror,


The first film from the success horror franchise came out way back in come 2002

Storyline :The specialty of Bipasha Basu, Dino Morea and Malini Sharma was an informal remake of the Hollywood movie 'Haves Benneth' and people managed to scare people with their ghostly music, good performance and decent performance.

When Bipasha and Dino got married to fall down the rock, both of them woke up their romance with Ooty again. Things take u-turn because their new house is forgotten. How the couple battles the ghostly presence and tells the story to save their marriage

Chemistry between Bips and Dino also helped in making a hit a hit

4) 1920


Cast: Rajnees duggal, Adah sharma, Anjori alag, rakhi sawant, raj jotshi, 

amin haje,and others 

Director : Vikram Bhatt

Producer : Vikram Bhatt , Surendra Sharma ,  Amita Bishnoi
Bhagwanti Gabrani

Music Director : Adnan Sami

Singers : Pandit Jasraj,, Asha Bhosle
Shubha Mudgal, Kailash Kher
Parveen Sultana

Category: Horror

Release date: 12-sep-2008

storyline:This film was set in 1920 in the British rule of India. Arjun (Rajneesh Duggal) is a young architect who has just returned after completing his studies. He is modern, and yet knows his religion and values, however, he does not like his father's strenuous behavior in the name of traditions. She is in love with Lisa (Ada Sharma) who is from a less social position, who is a mother of her mother from a British citizen. In the fear of strong opposition to his marriage, Arjun and Lisa decided to escape and marry each other. Soon, Arjun gets a contract from the company, where he is working, to go to Palampur where he has rebuilt an old palace at posh Hotel. She happily accepts this proposal and leaves for a Ramadur with a tribute that can not be happy for her husband's success. They know little information that the Old Castle is nothing but a harmless place to live in. He has not captured anyone else, even if he has to be murdered! So hopefully, soon after Arjun and Lisa arrive, strange things start with Lisa. She thinks a strange thing that someone else lives there and before Arjuna, may realize, Lisa is caught by a soul! Who is the soul ?? What is the secret behind that castle and that soul ?? Will Arjun succeed in withdrawing Lisa?






Cast & Crew: Zareen Khan, Karan Kundra, Manjit Singh, Rachel Shaw

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Release Date: 2018-01-12


Storyline:This film revolves around Ayush Asthana (Karan Kundra), which is blessed with unprecedented musical skills and has never received formal training. When he works for a party at the house of Mr. Wadia (Vikram Bhatt), he insists on getting a professional degree in music. Mr. Wadia has provided a deal to AYUSH, where he spends on himself for AYUSH degree in York York College of Music and instead wants him to be the caretaker of his mansion in York. Ayush happily accepts it and goes to New York, where after 3 months he starts facing horrible incidents. In the meantime, Mr. Wadia's niece visits the mansion and tries to kill Ayush for unknown reasons. At the other end, Gulz (Zarine Khan) who has fallen in love with AYUSH before listening to his music, before meeting him. He is blessed with a special power where he can see the souls and communicate with them. He helps people to go through the events that are beyond ordinary humans which are related to evil spirits and their purposes. Watch the movie to know ....


Its all are best movies ever . so you can choose and watch the movies....

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