Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Angela White – Blackmailed By Big Boob Cheater Angela sex porn

Angela White – Blackmailed By Big Boob Cheater Angela sex  porn 

Angela White – Blackmailed By Big Boob Cheater Angela sex  porn

Angela White – Blackmailed By Big Boob Cheater Angela

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Blackmailed – Angela White – Blackmailed By Big Boob Cheater Angela (4K)

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Studio: Blackmailed, Evil Angel

Stars: Angela White,  Jessy Jones

Sexy, naturally stacked Angela White was delighted when Jessy Jones and his wife, Jaclyn, moved into town. Since most people in their neighborhood are older, Angela embraced the chance to socialize and spend time with some people her own age. And so she has been able to forge a close friendship with the loving couple. But Angela has a dark side, and lately her evil impulses have taken precedence over her pretense of friendship. What started with simple flirting escalated, and before long, Jessy and Angela found themselves in an adulterous relationship. A few weeks into their affair, Jessy regrets cheating on his wife and tries to break it off, but Angela doesn’t give in that easily. Besides, he isn’t aware of the incriminating photos in Angela’s possession. Jessy comes home from to an ominous sight: the conniving beauty is talking with Jaclyn in the kitchen. When she gets a moment with Jessy, Angela clandestinely shows him the pictures. With Jaclyn in the next room, scheming slut Angela blackmails the married stud, saying that she’ll expose his indiscretions if they can’t continue their fling! Feeling he has no choice, Jessy lets Angela suck his cock as Jaclyn watches TV nearby. Then an unexpected family situation comes up, and Jaclyn must leave Angela and Jessy alone. As Jessy plows her wet cunt, dirty-talking Angela whimpers with every thrust. She sucks her juice from his boner pussy-to-mouth, and he swaddles his thick prick in her massive jugs for a titty fuck. Angela fondles her clit as Jessy drills her; Jessy chokes her as he fucks her bald pussy, driving the oversexed freak to intense orgasms. The depraved tryst features nasty anal rimming, sloppy fellatio and a massive cum facial. But Jaclyn returns as the wicked vixen slurps up Jessy’s semen, and devious Angela says, “I want her to see me like this… then I can have that cock anytime I like!”

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